About us

Play Sessions

Play helps young children to learn and develop through doing and talking. Research shows play teaches children to think and problem solve. We organise our play sessions so that the children can choose from, and work at, a range of activities. These include adult-led small and large group activities, which introduces them to new experiences and improves their knowledge of the world around them. And whatever the weather, we always include indoor and outdoor exercise in each session (e.g. sand play or ball games), which contributes to children's healthy development and physical wellbeing.

A Typical Day:

For the first part of the session, children have free play time and are encouraged to participate in the adult-led activity of the day e.g. pasta collage, messy art, simple cooking like making pizzas or sandwiches, etc;

• The free play activities on offer extend from dressing-up, home, office and literacy corners, construction activities, messy play, building blocks or play dough;

• The children have their refreshment at 10.30am. Each day, parents/carers bring their own child’s pieces of fruit in a container with their name on and the pre-school offers water or milk. Teachers also have a piece of fruit sitting with the children to model Healthy Eating and to promote the social aspect of eating together;

• The outdoor area is open for most of the morning from 9.45am until tidy up time;

• At noon, the children are gathered together for an adult-led activity (e.g. drama, music, songs and rhymes, story-time).


The number of outings vary during the year. We have two kinds of main outings: educational e.g. church/mosque/etc. visits and fund-raising/educational outings e.g. sponsored walk around the park in the autumn term when we pick up leaves and observe changes in nature. Parents/carers are welcome to join us and their help is asked for on longer trips.

School Photographs

A professional photographer comes to the pre-school once a year to take pictures of the children.

School Facilities and Security

The pre-school is situated in Stephens Memorial Hall, set back from the main road, behind Christ Church. Sessions take place in the large, light and airy main hall, which is divided into different play areas e.g. a home corner, office, messy play, library, dressing-up, etc. There is also an outdoor space with sand pits, kitchenette and scooter boards.

The safety and security of your child is of paramount importance to us, and the building arrangements reflect this. The pre-school door is locked and parents can only access the building when a member of staff, comes to open it. All visitors must sign in. We have a strict collection policy. At the end of the session, children are given to their parent/carer three at a time. We only allow a child to leave with someone other than a parent, if we have been given prior notice.